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1. Organizational Issues strongly agree
tend to agree tend to disagree
strongly disagree
Your organization's productivity is falling short of its potential
Your new projects have poor launches and a start-up curve that's too long
You evaluate that your costs are too high
You think that too many of your managers need development
There is a high turnover rate amongst your managers
Decisions are being made too far from the floor (from the action)
Your managers’ work hours are unreasonably high in order for your organization to function
Just one agreeing answer to any of these questions means you will get a return on your investment (time and money) from the Mythbuster Leadership program!
2. Personal Issues strongly agree
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strongly disagree
You feel like you’ve hit a ceiling, with no access to the next management position (Or you feel you have to put a ceiling on your employees’ progress)
You seem to have too few allies, to whom you could delegate
You feel overwhelmed, afraid you’ve exceeded your level of competency
You notice that your direct reports don’t know or understand your expectations (Or you having trouble figuring out or understanding your boss’ expectations?)
You don't have time to coach or develop people
Your stress or anxiety level is so high that the least little unexpected event unhinges you, makes you sad, or saps your motivation
You think that your management position is a pretty lonely job
You often fantasize about quitting your job or leaving your company. Changing your life
Even the greatest organizations, using the best trainers, coaches and consultants, experience the possibly toxic issues targeted by Mythbuster Leadership!
3. Your Ways of Doing strongly agree
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strongly disagree
Your mandates do not change fundamentaly the organization
You are unable to change your approach when the results are not achieved
You don't have the tools to know if your team is doing a good job
You are unable to apply many different management styles. You are who you are
You take others by surprise, others never come prepared.
Your meetings are ineffective
After you give feedback, there is no follow-ups, the bad habit can come back
You fall in the spiral of: supervise, micromanage, bypass, do your N-1's job.
You don't know how to measure the performance of the team without disengaging them
You recognize yourself because these issues have become typical, created by the missunderstanding about the leadership tools we really need. Experts have been repeating the same old myths, making us believe that our results would change
4. Your ways of Being strongly agree
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strongly disagree
You show signs of impatience, sighing, gesticulating when debating ideas with others
You are repeatedly late
You don't receive feedback well or you can not adapt to the way it is being given
When under high stress, you reduce contacts with others, you are busier or more important than everyone else
You have difficulty realizing the results or the impacts of your actions
In stressful situations, you tend to accomplish less work than you normally do
You are unable to manage what ticks you off, to improve the situation
Your team members versatility is low and their personal traits (directive, emotional, amiable, analytical) are exagerated
Mythbuster Leadership provides the leadership model Managers are missing. At their own pace, in a comprehensive self-training program, very affordable and proven by the author himself

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